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Finding Mesh Faces

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Given the number of face of a mesh (LPD3DXMESH) is there any way to generate the three vertices of that triangle? There probably is some way with the adjacency buffer, but I can''t seem to find it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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You can use the index buffer of the ID3DXMesh interface to find all the vertices of a particular face (triangle). The index buffer is stored as a triangle list.

Here''s some code to show you how to do it:

const D3DXVECTOR3 &v0 = pVertices[pIndices[faceNum*3]].position;
const D3DXVECTOR3 &v1 = pVertices[pIndices[faceNum*3 + 1]].position;
const D3DXVECTOR3 &v2 = pVertices[pIndices[faceNum*3 + 2]].position;

This assumes that "pVertices" is a pointer to your vertex type. To get a pointer to the vertices of your mesh, you need to call ID3DXMesh::LockVertexBuffer(), preferably using the D3DLOCK_READONLY flag so that it goes a little faster. "pIndices" is a pointer to your index buffer. You get this by calling ID3DXMesh::LockIndexBuffer.

Hope this helps,

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