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Why does it have to happen?!

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I''m using DevC++. I was trying to load models. I got the nehe''s basecode and started reading the tutorial #31(about milkshape) and copying the copy and pasting in the basecode, each thing in its right place. Well. Well. Well, the screen is just black like i had did nothing. I got some error. Some about 32 the first is sintax error before ''::'' the line is bool MilkshapeModel::loadModelData( const char *filename ) well, resuming, i got 32 errors. But one called me attention. This: ''inputFile'' was not declared in this scope If you look at the tutorial you''ll see how big the Loadmodeldata is! Did it happen to anyone? A help would be good :|! thanx!

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da first paragraph reads...

The source for this project has been extracted from PortaLib3D, a library I have written to enable users to do things like displaying models with very little extra code. But so that you can trust such a library, you should understand what it is doing, so this tutorial aims to help with that.

...anyway the reason why it doesn't work is because is just sections of that code is just so you get an understanding on how it works, if you copy/paste you won't be able to compile since there's stuff missing. Take a look here

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I downed the specific demo for DevC and I got the following error.
I had other errors and then i added the linker for the glaux, glu32 and opengl32 in the project options. But the following continues to happen:

c:\documents and settings\hype\meus documentos\lesson31\lesson31.o(.text+0x941):lesson31.cpp: undefined reference to `ChoosePixelFormat@8''
c:\documents and settings\hype\meus documentos\lesson31\lesson31.o(.text+0x985):lesson31.cpp: undefined reference to `SetPixelFormat@12''
c:\documents and settings\hype\meus documentos\lesson31\lesson31.o(.text+0xd3a):lesson31.cpp: undefined reference to `SwapBuffers@4''

could someone help me?

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