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dynamicly created edit dialogs for game tools

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Hi ya! Is it possible to create edit dialogs dynamicly at runtime? What API or layer abstraction lib would you use? I _don't_ want to put out the edit boxes in a design tool like Borland C++ Builder. Or if I am, I only want to create the main windows/dialogs and let their content be dynamic. What is the reason for all this? I have a project to do (for a XML course I'm taking), where I decided to make a game content database with XML *tadaa* The database itself will probably be a MySQL server or a XML based Apache server. Or should it be completely local on your machine? Sequrity VS team use... The description for the database will be a DTD, and maybe a Schema (we _must_ have a DTD to pass, and Schemes gives some extra cred). What I'm asking about is the front-end for the database. Where a user, say programmer or artist, is going to insert/modify/delete a gamecontent. Since no game projects are the same I would like the DTD to describe "this project" so that means one DTD per project, but I only want to write the front-end "software" once. The front-end must parse the DTD and create appropriate dialogs and edit boxes. Thus it must do this every time it starts up, but that shouldn't be a problem. I would also like the front-end to be cross plattform over Unix, Windows 98/ME/XP and MacOS X, but if I have to choose I'll go with Win.. How should I make this front-end? What language? ¤¤ Should I write a executable (in C++ with Qt or wxWindows or whatever)? Where I parse the DTD and create appropriate widgets along the way. pros: + possible to be completely local, good for lone-wolf designers and sequrity + I like C++ + Easy distributed (the front-end that is) + Advanced dialogs cons: - Harder for networks (since I don't know to much about programming that, although I'm aware of all the libs) - To advanced - Not much support for describing layout through description files (like .css on homepages) - Showing the existing game contents won't be easy (reading and parsing images and whatnot, and placing them in a estethicle pleasing way) - Have to make sure it looks OK on all 3 plattforms ¤¤ Should I write it as a homepage (in PHP) that you run in your favourite browser? pros: + Possibility for remote login (is that even desireble?) + Bunch of layout support + Easy to view existing game content (thumbnail galleries etc.) + Direct support to MySQL (not much of a pro if I don't choose MySQL..) cons: - Sequirity - Never used PHP (but I'm familiar with HTML and CSS) - Never used MySQL (but I'm familiar with Access and Oracle) - Not so advanced dialogs - Harder to distribute the "actual front-end" (the stuff making the .php pages based on a DTD) since it will be server based(?) - Might look crap/completely different on different browsers. Oh yeah, we must be able to export data from the database using XSL. One channel would be "A Artist/Designer portfolio" where all art is thumbnailed and stuff. Another channel would be to export "Strategy Guides" like this. A third channel would be "Tool - data blocks", meaning stuff a tool/game editor can read (ever used the StarCraft editor? all tiles etc. are already loaded when you start it. that means some description file must exist that tells the editor what images to load, their names, etc.). More suggestions on channels are VERY welcome, since we get extra cred PER channel! But the actual export mustn't be from the front-end, but it _could_. Any thoughts on that? I hope I wasn't to diffuse on what I want And I'm hoping for a nice disscussion! *hoping* }-- Programmer/Gamer/Dreamer --{ [edited by - Seriema on October 8, 2003 11:39:06 PM]

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