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I have been rotating a bitmap to get a range of angles in Print Shop Pro to use in a game. But whenever I do rotate the bitmap it becomes a little blurred and loses a little detail. This also blurrs the background around the bitmap making it impossible to do transparency. So I end up having a thin line of colour around the bitmap that shouldn''t be there. I can''t really manually delete the outline because there are some thin parts on the bitmap that are very difficult to fix up. Are there any ways that I could rotate the bitmap without having the colour blurr and the bitmap lose detail? Thanks

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when you rotate a bitmap, there will always be a loss in details (i think).
But to get rid of the color border, that is caused by the rotating, you must just have a lot of patience and repaint those areas
Another thing you could do, is to rotate the bitmap with directdraw or direct3d or what you are using, runtime.

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