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Direct3D9 clipping/drawing problems, and a Win32 question

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Hi All Im new to direct3d, so im not sure how to fix this. Im trying to create a little level editor using direct3d to render in perspective view. However direct3d keeps drawing over my toolbar and statusbar controls, how would i fix this? Also how would I set direct3d''s equivalent of opengl''s viewport. Since ill be having 4 viewports (top/right/front/perspective) id like direct3d to draw in a certain 1/4 of my window. Lastly, the Win32 question I have is how would I split my main window into "viewports"? Ive done it in MFC but have no idea how to do it in pure Win32. Do I create child windows? Please Help and Thanks Alot

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pDevice->SetViewport(), look in the docs for info on how to use it. You can setup the offset and size of your viewport just like OpenGL.

So you can do this:
for (each viewport, i)



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