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3D Studio Question

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I have a scene with a sky and a moon. Easy enough. Now the sun and moon are moving about in the scene. Also easy enough. The tough part. Getting that nice effect where you can see the moon in the daytime. The illuminated part is a hazy to clear white (with gray craters). The shadowed side of the moon fades into the blue sky color. I can''t see to get this effect correct. I can mimic it nicely for a still frame but not for an animation. No matter what parameters I turn off to not have the moon have a shadow it still casts a shadow. I am hoping for some material/map combination that will allow me to make an object whose shadowed area blends into the background color. I have tried various opacity methods but nothing seems to react to the shadowed area of the moon. In code this would be easier as I can calculate where and how much of the moon would be in shadow and then just do a blend of that area with the background. Max is another story all together. Thanks for any help, Webby

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Here''s what I would do:

1. Make the environment black.

2. Put a box around your scene with blue self-illumination and no other illumination. make it transparent. Make sure that you can see the faces from the inside (may have to flip the normals).

3. Put the moon outside the box.

That way, the dark part of the moon is sky-colored (since that part of the sky is just illuminated by the skybox''s self-illumination, and the light part is sky+moon colored, which is the way it is in real life.

How appropriate. You fight like a cow.

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Thanks. I found something that works equally well.
Blend material. Material 1 purely opaque with no shinyness. Material 2, moon bitmap or some other color.
Mask the two with a mix map set to Shadow / Light falloff type.

Voila. Wonder if this would be as easy to do in code? I''m thinking it would make for some very nice effects.

Thanks for the other tip though, I''m gonna give that a shot and compare the effects.

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