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Different Extension names

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It''s basically how many people agree on it.

the NV one is one that nVidia has unilaterally decided on.
the EXT one is something that several vendors have collectively agreed to.
the ARB one is one that the ARB committee has approved and is likely to be absorbed into the standard soon.

I don''t have the full list of levels of extension promotion, but in general ARB > EXT > anything else.

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Something with NV in it means it's NVidia specific, ATI means it's ATI specific, ARB means it's an offical OGL Extension meaning it should work on all cards irrespective of who makes it as long as it actually supports the feature and I'm not sure what EXT means but I would guess it's the same as ARB but it's not actually offical yet. I could be wrong though.

[edit]Promit beat me too it, with a better explanation as well [/edit]

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Guest Anonymous Poster
This one is easy..
NV stands for an NVIDIA extention
EXT is an older extention (before ARB, correct me if I''m wrong)
ARB stands for Architecture Review Board, which is a group of volunteers from industry with representatives from big companies like NVIDIA(the head of it?), ATI, and (until recently) Microsoft.

From now on any new extentions must be approved by the ARB to be included in newer "versions" of opengl.. This way hardware vendors can all support the same new extentions when they are approved.
ARB extentions run on just about every brand of 3d card, which is good.. but you usually get better performance using NV extentions on nvidia cards, or ATI extentions on ATI cards, etc..
(By the way there are no versions of opengl.. just extentions added to the core version 1.1 a new version just adds more extentions to it, usually a few at a time)

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