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what do i need to develop for nintendo bsides a complete game?

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1. You need to be signed with a licensed publisher


1. Your key staff need to have a track record in console game development i.e. they've been in key roles (i.e. lead) on *published* games for PS2/Xbox/NGC.

2. Your company needs stability: financial, management, planning, structure, offices etc

3. The game you're intending on releasing on the console needs to have some unique elements and not be in a saturated genre.

A publisher will look for the things in the second list anyway - but some are more willing to take a risk on unproven companies with an amazing concept and amazing (playable) PC demo.

If you're a hobbyist or have a "virtual" team rather than offices and an established company, then the reality is it's very unlikely you'll get registered developer status.

More about the official process here:

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Thanks guys

I should have mentioned that i have a good 5 years of programming experiance on the Amiga 1200 after having the C64

I have also the a good 8 years experiance with music,beats,sound effects abd the editing and mixing of those.
I had a real piano that i practiced with young then got into samples,tracking,electronic keyboards,and sequencing/arranging etc.

I consider myself a fast learner

what it comes down to is I silely posess all I need to create and complete an entire game.
I have numerous concepts documented and explained in writing which I only add to just about every day or so.
I''m clever,analytical,creative and i know ho to work with nothing to make something if it is possible.

i''ved worked with Cool Edit,some Pro Tools,Akai MPC,record samples,beat machines,as well as written lyrics and I have worked with friends as well.
So althought challenging, I am perfectly capable of creating,editing etc. my own music although I may hire or include an outside singer(lol)
I''ve done character voices before
I''ve done sound effects from scratch you could play in a movie!
I''ve worked on storyboarding type stuff
I have many books to guide me.
I am always exposing myself to what''s going on to keep up to date
with my concepts.

My question is if i was "ready" with something how do I get it viewed etc. to possibly get a licence.
There are numerous licenced "companies" that produce tight little games that boggle the mind but are primitive graphics wise. I would think I would try a small company first.

The Prince of Persia was originally an Amiga game wasn''t it? Now look where it is!

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