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Dynamic Two-Dimensional Array of Pointers

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So, how do I make one? I know there is an article that does something simaler, but that for C, I''m talking C++. I need a two-dimensional array of pointers, which is allocated at run-time. Can anybody give me a hand? I tried to search to see if this had been asked before, the the search seems broken. Thanks in advance!

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Well, there''s a couple of ways to make them, one of which is slightly more resistant to memory fragmentation.

In practice, though, professional programmers never do that. Instead, they allocate a one-dimensional array and treat it as multidimensional.

Say I want a 2D array of ints, of size 50x100. Then, I want to set the element at a particular x and y position to three. Here''s how I''d do that.

int width = 50;
int height = 100;
int x = 23; // or whatever

int y = 76; // or whatever

int* myArray = new int[rows * columns];
myArray[y*width + x] = 3;
The key there is the multiply followed by the add. It''s actually what the compiler does for you with statically allocated multidimensional arrays.

How appropriate. You fight like a cow.

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If you just want a 2 demensional array of pointers you could do:

// allocate

int **test=new int*[ width ];
for(int i=0;i<width;i++)
test[ i ]=new int[ height ];

// de-allocate

for(int i=0;i<width;i++)
delete[ ] test[ i ];
delete[ ] test;

But just allocating a one-dimensional array is ussually better. Or, if the size of it is going to change you could just use a vector:

std::vector> test;

// add some integers



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