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DIrectX to SDL: Input Handling

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I''m coding a game of sorts and I''ve been using DirectX up till now for input and had intended to use it for music etc... I want the game to be platform independant however, and I''m having a few doubts about what to replace DX with. I''ve been to the website for SDL... I know that SDL does input handling (doesn''t it)? But it also does graphics (using OpenGL?). Can any experienced SDLers tell me if I start to use SDL, will I be stuck with it? i.e. will I have to make all my OpenGL calls with it, etc? Also is the sound and music sound of SDL pretty good? I will also have to convert my window handling code (from Win32), is SDL pretty good for window handling, message handling etc? I also know of GLUT and have used it frequently but does anyone think its really cut out to handle a game? (I hate callbacks). Lastly, about licensing, is it ok to comercially market a game made using SDL (as long as you include the object files with the release)? Thanks all who reply, I''m just a bit unsure about how to achieve platform independancy: i''m new to it.

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SDL does graphics on Windows platform using DirectDraw(6/7)(or uses the GDI if DX is not advailable). SDL primatives are fairly low level. For operations such as sprite rotation and alpha usage, a mixture of SDL+OpenGL would be suitable.

Using OpenGL along with SDL, you make most of your GL calls as usual(glVertexf,glDisable,...glColor,etc).

Plain SDL audio is very primative. It basically gives you a sound buffer to mix sounds in. You can always use another audio library such as BASS/fmod/openAL...Of course it would be good to use a sound library that is also platform independant.

Window and message handling is platform dependent and SDL hides it behind its own implementation. It does involve a message handling.

The ideal behind platform independance is to code the program once and recompile for each platform you want it on. OpengGL and SDL are both good cross-platform APIs/libs.

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