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Finally finished a Tetris clone.

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Except for the installer, haven't found one yet. I assume everyone here should be capable of unzipping to a specific directory and running it though, not like I intend on selling it or anything. Download Block-Er EDIT: hrm.. well geocities doesn't like a direct link.. unfortunately I have no other place, the link is http://www.geocities.com/evil_greven/BlokEr.zip Erk, seems I forgot one feature come to think of it.. a Help button (DOH!) Well.. let's see. Escape key exits the game from the main menu, or returns to the main menu from everything else (excepting pause & game over screens, which just revert to playing/new game respectively) Left/Right arrow keys move the piece left/right respectively. Up arrow key rotates the piece, and Down arrow key drops the piece. Under options, you can select from three different block designs and three different 'toolbar' designs (might as well call them skins I guess), as well as the Difficulty setting, sounds on/off, and the special Evil setting. Evil.. produces some interesting pieces, and depending on the difficulty, it makes it insanely hard (2 or 3), or horribly easy (1). Simple game that took no more than thirty hours to make and build a lot of the graphics (though, the subspace graphics, furghling monkey, and slug were created elsewhere). But.. it's the first basically complete thing I've done. Let me know what you think, and enjoy. -Greven [edited by - Evil_Greven on October 11, 2003 11:50:58 PM]

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May I suggest Brinkster as your file dump? It will let you link directly to it.

A few things I noticed:

1) The center of rotation on some pieces is a little funky.
2) There is no button to drop the piece down all the way.

Just minor things...if your goal was simply to make a tetris clone then you did well .

[edited by - Raloth on October 11, 2003 12:02:54 AM]

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It's great when you complete your very first game, I recently completed my first game aswell (also a Tetris clone, which can be found here), and it feels great to have finally completed something.

Just one suggestion though, the game is too slow. The blocks move a little too slow, and the flashing blocks when you get a line is just plain annoying (it stops the flow of the game). Apart from that, well done!

[edited by - chacha on October 12, 2003 5:24:00 AM]

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Very nice work! After playing your clone for a while, I have come to the following conclusion:

You need to have the difficulty increase in-game.

After playing for five minutes I began to grow bored. There's very little excitement if the game is completely static. If the pieces start dropping more quickly, then things get fun! Despite this, I kept playing, but that's only because I do in fact have nothing better to do. I'll have you know I beat your high score. I achieved 30,500 points.

It would also be nice if you gave points for just landing a block. Ten would be good. If you include the down arrow insta-drop, have the points the player gets scale up with the height from which he/she dropped the block.

I didn't try any of the other difficulties or settings yet. But I commend you, sir, on a completed Tetris clone.

EDIT - Got rid of a nasssty hanging preposition.

[edited by - Sartak on October 12, 2003 3:47:52 PM]

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Thanks for the website, but I''ve looked over it and can''t find a free registration (maybe it''s the lack of sleep, lowest I could find was the 3.95/mo one.. not that that''s horribly expensive or anything... maybe I''ll get that, heh).

Yeah, the center of rotation is based on a point a block cannot be at. The block structures are 4x4 squares, black except where the actual blocks are located, so rotation gets a little odd. Something I should have fixed, but never got around to. Maybe in the future.. right now it works, though I agree that needs to be changed to make it look better.

As for an instant-drop button.. well, the Down arrow does accelerate the drop speed pretty well, so I didn''t see much of a need for a instant-drop.. also nobody mentioned it before


Yeah, definately feels good. The game does move pretty slow at first, but it speeds up quite fast. I got over 100,000 once.. before I got the Top Scores setup. Never again, heh. Even with the Difficulty 1 and Evil setting, I only got to 92,100. I did intend to add an option for disabling the flashing blocks, but instead what I did was lower the flash time based on the score. When you get up around 40,000 it flashes too fast, imo, but it''s much less annoying.


Thanks! I noticed that often times mouse support isn''t added.. me, I thought it''d be easier to put that in than keyboard support for the menus, so I opted for the mouse and ignored (excepting the Esc key) the menus.


It does, it just takes some time to really notice the increase. Especially if you''re like me and have a tendancy to hold the Down arrow. It moves insanely fast, and I do mean that in the full context of the word, at 90,000+. I don''t think it''s really playable at 100,000+, though by some miracle I got about 104,000 one time before I started keeping track.

About the landing a block... yeah, come to think of it, I guess I just forgot to code it in. I remember planning on doing it. Oops.

Thank you, and again everyone else for your suggestions and comments.

Oh, seems I forgot.. oops.. the full key listing is as follows (perhaps more concise):

if ingame, in credits, or options - reverts to main menu
if paused, reverts to ingame
if gameover, starts a new game and reverts to ingame
if main menu, exits program

pauses/unpauses ingame play.
note: it appears that I forgot to put in a render function after reverting to unpaused.. it gets called when you move a piece, or the game moves a piece, so it will be a second before it reverts to the game screen.. it hides the pieces so you can''t cheat

moves a block down

rotates a block

moves a block left

moves a block right

used in the main menu and options menu, can click to exit credits (and I think game over/pause as well)

Difficulty setting (1)Easy, (2)Medium, (3)Difficult
note: in conjunction with the Evil setting (if it is on), (1)Easy has a unique effect on the Evil blocks, allowing the individual blocks to fall by themselves. Other difficulty settings do not allow this.

Sound setting:
On or off, turns sound on/off.

Evil setting:
On or off, turns Evil blocks on/off.

Blocks setting:
(1) Tetris blocks, (2) -Ite blocks (inside joke, sorry group of guys I''ve been hanging out with for literally years), (3) Subspace Blocks (imo, these blocks make the game harder!)

Toolbar setting:
(1) Dull gray, (2)Fuurgh orange, (3) Sluggy green

Change your initials here with the green arrow buttons. This determines the Top Score''s initials saved.

Also, all Options settings are saved to the bloker.bif file, as well as the Top Scores.


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