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Timeline -control ...

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Hi all, As everyone can see, i''m complete Newbie in here so handle gently, please. Anyway ... Now that i have my DirectX engine''s basics ready (incl. drawing and basic character moving via keyboard). I started to design Timeline mechanism that should control animations on scene. With Timeline i mean Timeline with keyframes (like in any 3D software or animation software). But now i encountered a major problem ... I don''t have a clue where to start the design of Timeline system? ... I was just wondering, has someone in here ever made a Timeline components? ... There must be someone ... I''m not asking code, just the basic idea where to start the design, and how to control a timeline system. I''m familiar with C/C++ and VB (VisualStudio 6) ... Thanks in advance ... T-

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DX9 has native interfaces for timelines, for example ID3DXAnimationSet and ID3DXAnimationController.
The animation set encapsulates a spline parameter interpolator (scale/rotate/translate key types), and animation controller groups several animation sets together.

For learning's sake, i would recommend that you code your own versions of these interfaces, they're not the most complex thing in the world of programming

kind rgds,

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