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To comply with the LGPL you must give "prominent notice" of the LGPL libraries you''re using, the license they''re under, and a full copy of the LGPL. You must provide the full source of the LGPL libraries from the same place they can get your application (some adjustments are also allowed for more difficult distribution methods). You must provide appropriate object code (if you''re linking statically, this is the "real" object code; if you''re linking dynamically, this is just the executable) or the source code to your project (so, link to a DLL/Shared Object and you don''t need to give up your source to comply with the LGPL). If the user cannot appropriately modify and still use the LGPL library, you''re not complying.

Provide your application that is dynamically linked (it uses a DLL or Shared Object) and includes a specific notice of the use of LGPLed libraries somewhere and a copy of the LGPL.

Also, if you''re distributing it online:
Provide the source code to the LGPL libraries on the same page.

Also, if you''re distributing it by CD (or some similar media):
Provide the source code to the LGPL libraries on at least the CD.

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