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Color Inverting in D3D

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Does anyone know if/how to invert colors in D3D? I would tend to think there''s some obscure renderstate somewhere to set, but I''m not quite sure. By "invert" I mean changing black to white, red to teal, green to purple, and so forth.

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You can use the D3DTA_COMPLEMENT modifier in your SetTextureStageState() setup to invert what''s being rendered during multitexture blending.

You could alternatively use frame buffer (alpha) blending with the INV***COLOR blending factors to achieve a number of inverse effects. For example if you wanted to invert the contents of what was already in the frame buffer you could render a white quad to those portions with a blend like INVDESTCOLOR:ZERO or INVDESTCOLOR:INVSRCCOLOR to achieve the inversion *.

It can of course also be achieved with pixel shaders instead of the texture stage state setup.

[* off the top of my head - don''t have the DXSDK installed on this machine]

Simon O''Connor
3D Game Programmer &
Microsoft DirectX MVP

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