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NEO Getting Closer to Beta

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NEO (NetEmp Online), an MMOG portal in development, is getting close to beta. Beta begins early November, with launch on December 15th. The NEO website can be found at http://www.netemp-online.com/neo/index.htm for more details. The NEO forums can be found at http://www.netemp-online.com/forums to speak with other NEO users and the developers. NetEmp Online (NEO) is a network being designed specifically for Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG). The main elements of NEO include the network games that people can subscribe to and play, chat rooms for general gaming and network game discussions, forums, our online gaming magazine EmpMag, and gaming stats for the network games that will tell which friends are on and give you access to your character(s). Some features of NEO include: -Network of Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs) -Community Features, such as chat and forums, for general gaming and network games -One username and password to access client and every MMOG on the network -Ability to download the MMOG as quickly as possible, and install it into your system. -Ability to subscribe to any MMOG on the network through the client -NEOStats: Ability to access character and limited playing of character while outside of supported games in client (i.e. running a shop ingame) -EmpMag: Online gaming magazine integrated into client, monthly issues of PC game reviews, previews, demos, etc. -Integrated web browser to view network MMOG websites, including ability to view trailers in the client, and any other content -Support of ingame equipment and character sales through the client -2-3 month trial (including game purchase and monthly subscription) of every network MMOG after the first purchase and subscription to a network MMOG -Store selling computers and hardware centered towards gamers NEO has recently become a partner of Skotos Tech and now has a premium subscription of NEO which includes two MMOGs, Underlight and Meridian 59: Sacred Haven, as well as many prose roleplaying games and strategy games. The premium subscription will be free during beta testing. NEO will be localized throughout the entire world, mainly in North America, Europe, and Asia. Anyone all over the world will have access to NEO and the MMOGs it supports, as well as all it''s features. Guild management is one of the bigger ones, as well as NEOStats. Beta will be capped at 10,000 users.

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