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Collision detection

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Hi, ive got a rather unusual request... I am working on a project for some time now (its a one-of-a-kind schoolproject (NOT HOMEWORK! )) but at some point I will have to implement some form of collision detection. Since the world will feature buildings, and sometimes the user should be able to go under parts of a structure, I cant just use a boundingbox... My idea: (for all objects in the world) Create a bounding box around the entire object, and check if the user is in it or not. IF the user is in it, check for collision with the entire object (all surfaces) to determine if he/she can move in a certain direction... My problem: I think I can manage the simple detection, but I was wondering if anyone here could help me out on the real collision detection. I have all vertex data available, but need a way to check if a point (x, y, z) is inside an object tnx in advance

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No problem, take a look on this :


Select the "Sphere and Polygon Collision" demo.

I'm using that for my 3D engine and it's pretty good.

Leyder Dylan (dylan.leyder@slug-production.be.tf

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Or you can use a bit more advanced verison of it. Search for "Generic Collision Detection For Games Using Ellipsoids" by Paul Nettle. Very good for starting with CD&R.

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