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How to add animation in DX

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hello, I purtchased the "Programming Role Playing Games in Direct X" book and it has been very helpful. I am learning how to make a first person view enviroment using a mesh for the map. This is a simple process and I was wondering if it was possible to add an animation at the bottom. what I want to do is make my RPG in the first person view and have the weapon in view simmilar to a first person shooter. The book came with milkshape 3d and I was also wondering if this could be used to make the graphics for the animations. So, my question is, how would you add an animation of a hand and a weapon to make a first person shooter, and if milk shape can be used to make the graphics. Thank you for the anticipated help.

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well the bad thing is, the milkeshape is only a demo, and goes bye bye 30 days after you install it

secondly, a lot of people like milke shape. I mean there are loads of them out there. In fact, my newest modeler uses it. Ive used it before, and i think it sucks ass. I prefer 3d max. in Milkshape, you cant snap to grid, everything is free floating. Very hard to make life-like objects when you got nothing to go by. It''s tool switching mode is very very inefficient. (Sorry if i have spelling mistakes...)

Also, programming load + modeling load = lots of work. Make sure you are prepared to spend all of your time, yes all of it, on the game for a long time.

Im not trying to discourage you from doing your project, only helping to realize that programming and doing your own models is very tedious/strenuous.

Also, the book talks about making levels out of meshes. You''ll quickly find this doesnt work very well, like i did. I wish the author would have explained terrains then mixing 3d objects with terrains (like trees, buildings, etc. etc.)

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