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DirectPlay address and port assignment

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I`m developing a P2P game with IDirectPlay8Peer. (DirectX version is 9) I have several questions. 1. As I know, If I don`t use IDirectPlay8Address::AddComponent (for address and port assignment) and run IDirectPlay8Peer::Host(), then the address and port will be assigned automatically. In this case, How can I get address and port that was assigned automatically for IDirectPlay8Peer::Connect of other peers. 2. I couldn`t find any examples using IDirectPlay8AddressIP instead of IDirectPlay8Address. I`ll use only TCP/IP protocol so I don`t want to use IDirectPlay8Address AddComponent method. But IDirectPlay8Peer::Host() and IDirectPlay8Peer::Connect() require IDirectPlay8Address Interface as a parameter. How can I use IDirectPlay8AddressIP instead of IDirectPlay8Address? 3. The first parameter of AIDirectPlay8AddressIP::BuildLocalAddress is const GUID *const pguidAdapter. What GUID should I input as a argument? And How can I get the GUID?

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