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Eric Poitras

Where do I start?

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ok here's what I want to do, I want to have a program running on a computer that keeps track of maps and characters and sends the updated information to no more than 4 players. This computer would act like a server and the other players would be the clients that connect to this program to get the game information in order to render what all players see. The game is programmed with OpenGL and it's on the Windows Platform. How should I go about this? And what is best to use in a situation like this? DirectPLay? Winsock? other? Also for the server program should I use an MFC app or just a console app to control the information, because I'd like to have commands for this program to either send information to all players or just one player in particular. Thanks. All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. -Edmund Burke [edited by - Eric Poitras on October 14, 2003 2:13:31 PM]

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Use whatever you feel most comfortable with. The server can be written in MFC, Java, VB.NET, C#, or even Perl. It''s up to you to pick one, whichever is easiest for you to implement.

Once you pick your language/environment that you want to develop it in, it should be relatively easy (for any of the languages I listed above) to find sample code to at least get your started.

If you''re new to network programming, I would play with a couple example projects (check out www.codeguru.com for lots of winsock example code) and just massage them into what you want. Or crack open a book and teach yourself!


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A little more information for you.
If you go with DirectPlay then, conceivably, your implementation will be easier than if you go with Winsock. That is assuming you can grasp the use of COM with DirectX and a few other novelties.

OTOH, DirectPlay is (at least I think) built on top of Winsock. So, when you send info with DirectPlay, what''s really happening is DirectPlay is using some lower Winsock function calls to get the job done.

Also, there is a whole world of network programming that Winsock can handle but DirectPlay can not. What comes to mind first is the ability to write servers for many (read more than about 20-30) clients.

My personal implementation choice would be a console app. For a project this size you really don''t need MFC. For a really large project like an MMO, then MFC would be bad. Based on those two rules, MCF = BAD ALWAYS for game programming

Perl is interpreted, which you probably already know, and won''t operate quite a fast as compiled C++ code -- given that the C++ code is adequately written. Also, you have the benefit of extra security as Perl probably isn''t the most secure language on the face of the planet. Perl is great for lots of things, but I don''t think it would be the best choice for a game server.

Also, just in case you decide to go for a career in game server programming, you''re not very likely to be required to write the servers in Perl.

Just my thoughts,

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