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Yet another 2d scrolling question

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Okay, so I yes i know there is a lot of stuff on here bout 2d scrolling, the questions and that mostly seem to be about collisions, im not there yet. I need help with just getting objects on the screen..im doing a very simple test, I am using tile studio (if there are any tile studio guru''s out there that would be great). I have this demo that came with GapiDraw (www.gapidraw.com) for pocketPC and it runs on win XP. So i can get my sprites in there, and on the screen, though they are always rendered constantly no matter where i scroll to. I know i need something that looks like this: x = object.worldx - map.worldx; y = object.worldy - map.worldy; (I got this from article on here at gamedev.net) I need help interprating this... I understand that the object.worldX and y are where in the whole world is the object, say the whole world is 1024x768 big and u only see 320x200 of it at a time, then an object at 900,400 would be off screen far to the right and down some. So I suspect that it should get drawn when the map is somehow scrolled to there, I think that is where map.worldx, and map.worldy comeinto play...but using the tile studio code output, im having a hard time hacking the demo to find where those values are... mostly im unsure if I am even at all correct on assuming the map.worldX and y are where the map is currently "viewing" so to speak. Is this value most likely going to be in pixels? or in map tiles (assuming I have 32x32 tiles and my world is 32x24 wxh. So am i close at all? Sorry if this is a stupid question, ive avoided 2d scrolling games like the plague for this reason, never wanted to go through the bother of figuring all this out, but I finally have a good idea that warrnets me learning 2d side scrolling and thusly...this is my first question on it to get started. If there are any tile studio guru''s out there that would rock, because im having problems figuring out tile animations and figuring out where a specific tile is in the map , one would assume clicking on a tile in the map level view would report back a 9,2 or whatever showing the position of the tile u just clicked on in tile coords, but apparently im not finding this feature there. Thanks for any and all help, Shane

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