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[DDraw] Help with surface creation (Beginner)

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Hi, this is my first post on the forum, my name''s Florian and I''m from Switzerland (where they make the cheese Right now I''m beginning DDraw with c++ (where I''m still quite a beginner too), and I have started writing a DDraw class, a wrapper of a sort, to facilitate casual operations. One of the member functions is a function wich takes a LPDIRECTDRAWSURFACE7 as a parameter and should create a offscreen surface & point to it with the given LPDIRECTDRAWSURFACE7. But somehow it doesn''t work, because when I check the pointer after having used the function, he''s invalid. Here''s the code: // bool bKey checks for color-keying, iMemFlags controls memory // allocation (system/video memory) ENUM_RESULT CDDraw::CreateOffscreen(int iWidth, int iHeight, bool bKey, LPDIRECTDRAWSURFACE7 lpSurface, int iMemFlags) { // clear ddsd and set size memset(&itsDdsd,0,sizeof(itsDdsd) ); itsDdsd.dwSize = sizeof(itsDdsd); // color-keyed surface or not if(!bKey) itsDdsd.dwFlags = DDSD_CAPS | DDSD_WIDTH | DDSD_HEIGHT; else { itsDdsd.dwFlags = DDSD_CAPS | DDSD_WIDTH | DDSD_HEIGHT | DDSD_CKSRCBLT; // set the defined color key itsDdsd.ddckCKSrcBlt.dwColorSpaceLowValue = itsTransColor; itsDdsd.ddckCKSrcBlt.dwColorSpaceHighValue = itsTransColor; } itsDdsd.dwWidth = iWidth; itsDdsd.dwHeight = iHeight; itsDdsd.ddsCaps.dwCaps = DDSCAPS_OFFSCREENPLAIN | iMemFlags; // destroy previous surface, if valid if(lpSurface) { lpSurface->Release(); lpSurface = NULL; } if(FAILED(itsLpDD->CreateSurface(&itsDdsd, &lpSurface, NULL) ) ) { // error return(VID_ERR_CREATEOFFSCREEN); } return(OK); } Where itsLpDD points to a valid dd object. All the "its*" variables are class variables (of CDDraw), and I try to create the offscreen surface in another class, CMain, wich contains an instance of CDDraw ("itsVideo"), and a LP to a DD surface, "itsLpSprite". What I try to do looks like this: // Set the color key itsVideo.SetColorKey(255,0,255); // Create the sprite surface if ( (itsResult = itsVideo.CreateOffscreen( 64,64,true,itsLpSprite) ) != OK) { // error itsError.ShowMessage(itsWin.GetHwnd(), itsResult); } // check if valid surface has been created if(!itsLpSprite) { // error itsError.ShowMessage(itsWin.GetHwnd(), itsResult); } And each time, I get an invalid surface... Any advice/criticism (I''m sure there''s alot to critic is welcome...

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