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Gameboy Publishers

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How does getting a game published for the Gameboy work? I know Nintendo has license fees, but are those for developers or publishers? What we have is a little puzzle game that would be great for that console. We even already have a working Gameboy version but we have no idea how to go about getting the thing published. Thanks.

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Dear Decoy,

We currently have a couple of Game Boy Color projects in development which we are going to publish also. The process works basically speaking just like publishing for the PC. It''s just a bit more expensive. But then again it''s also more rewarding in terms of financial compensation.

First you come up with a working demo of a game + full game concept which you have to produce with Nintendo''s $5.000,- SDK. Of course there''s a much cheaper method to program for the GBC but it still won''t bail you out of getting a license...

You show your project to the Nintendo QA Team in Japan or the U.S. and after 6 months of sucking up to them, changing stuff in your concept, paying loads of money and completing your product in the process they give you the license. With this you get the decription key to make production runs of your GBC game. Which again costs you a small fortune to even commence.

So in short you should have a killer license endorsing your game or it simply won''t sell enough to cover the huge expenses... It''s something Nintendo will require from you.

Take care,


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The process for Game Boy is as follows:

1. You ask Nintendo for a Game Boy developer license. This costs nothing and is very easy to get.
2. You buy a developement system from them or you use one of the many "unofficial" development emulators that can be downloaded of the net.
3. You find a publisher who is a Nintendo licensed publisher and offer them the game.

Alex''s comment about a killer license is correct. Publishers almost never publish GB titles unless they have a license attached.

Dan Marchant
Obscure Productions

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