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D3D line crashing on Begin()

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I started implementing ID3DXLine into my D3D application. I''m already using text, sprites, and other primitives. I''m pretty sure I''ve set up everything with the lines okay.. but when I run the program the computer does a hard reboot, and XP will scan the hard drive sometimes. I was debugging it, and found that it could go through the line->Begin() line->Draw() line->End() once, but the next time I tried to call Begin(), crash. Any common error I''m making?? Or should I keep looking over and over my itty bit of code? thanks!

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You aren''t doing anything wrong. ID3DXLine basically just sucks, even in the latest SDK. The problems with ID3DXLine have been reported to MS, but it hasn''t been fixed.

I found when I used ID3DXLine that I had to recreate it each frame, or else I got the same problems that you describe. I dont see any way around it. Maybe its something in the device settings that ID3DXLine doesnt like, but even in that case it should never cause a hard reboot. At worst it should give a warning and just not render anything.

I dont know what kind of code ID3DXLine has internally, but I''ve found it appalling to use. I just wrote my own version in the end. It does more than ID3DXLine, and actually works too.

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