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CD3DFont::Render3DText looks scary internally

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Don''t you think so? I mean all the Lock/Unlock of VB, multiplications/divisions, DrawPrimitives... so many of them. Isn''t that tellin'' me "dude, your framerate is now halved"? Ugh, anyway, I''m gonna give ID3DXFont a try first... THEN, I''m gonna try the summer update

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That''s I said as well when I saw it but it looks like it doesn''t eat up your fps. An alternative is to go with ID3DXFONT directly like I did... I''m quite happy about it


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Original post by HaywireGuy
THEN, I''m gonna try the summer update

... might want to avoid id3dxfont until *after* you''ve put on the summer update --- it''s wicked-slow pre-update, and almost just as fast as cd3dfont in the update.

Also, if you''re looking a spitting out mostly static text very quickly, then your own font class may be worthwhile - just so you''re not recalculating font size/pos and rebuilding the vb every frame, plus you can better optimize the building/rendering.

Depends a lot on how much text you''re looking at outputting - if it''s not much, or if it''s not very static, then you''ll need to weigh whether it''s worth your time to write your own font class.

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I''ve looked into CD3DFont class and understood the way it
works. Yeah, you''re right, I misunderstood the code at the
beginnin'' and thought it could take up too much processin''
time, but that''s not true. However, it''s redundant to do this
kind of lockin''/unlockin'' if your text does not change.


Yes you''re right, I''m workin'' on my own font class since
yesterday, in fact I called it "label", where you can call
CD3DLabel::SetText(_T("Bla bla")) and have all the VB/textures
set up once. Use CD3DLabel::Render() to draw it without any
other calculations.


You know simply by lookin'' at how CD3DFont works, I could feel
the slowness of it... it was so scary with tons of function
calls/calculations in it. So I''m not gonna try because I
already can see the difference.

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I''m using ID3DXFONT directly coz I just want to display the fps so I avoided CD3DFont and writing my own classes. When it comes to the actual font used in the engine, well... that''s a different story altogether.

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