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Looking for Java implementation Binomial trees & heaps

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Hi all, Currently I'm diving in to the wonderfull world of datastructures and algoritms but I have some problems with the implementation of binomial trees and binomial heaps (or binomial queues) in Java. I found a great article here : [URL][/URL] and some info here : [URL][/URL] and here : [URL][/URL] but I can't seam to find the implementation of a binomial tree nor of a binomial heap. Does anyone have such an implementation or some more info on this subject ?? It would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance ! edit : how do I post links on this forum ? [edited by - HolyFish on October 15, 2003 7:06:59 AM] [edited by - HolyFish on October 15, 2003 7:08:28 AM]

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