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Simple Host->Client Peers with DirectPlay

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I have a DirectX peer connection where one side acts as the Host and the other acts as the Client (at the moment it''s only a 2-player scenario). The simple (and naive) scheme is as follows: - the host sends World Update messages to the client as fast as possible to indicate the position of the entities in the world - the client receives these messages and updates the position of the entities and renders them (i.e. client is very dumb at the moment) Of course the host side has nice and smooth gameplay, but the client''s shows that the "Update" messages are clumping up into "bursts" so that the entities are updating in a jittery fashion. Is there any easy way to remedy this situation with DirectPlay? I plan on implementing a "smoother" at the client side and timestamp every message so that the client can smooth out the messages and provide the illusion of smoothness, but I''m worried about the accumulated network delay as a result of smoothing the incoming messages. It also seems that I should be able to control how the host sends out the messages (i.e. don''t queue them up in DirectPlay, just send them out immediately). Am I seeing the effect of DirectPlay''s send queues, the network lag or a combination of both? Thanks, Jeff

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