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Animation trouble

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I''m trying to implement soft skinning to animate characters with directx. Suppose that this is my coordinate system, p0 = (10,0) the point that i want to manipulate. | | | | --------|---p0--- | | | | I want to rotate p0 around the Z axis and the point (5,0) by 90 degrees, so at the end of the trasformation p0 will be at (5,5) To do that i build a matrix that translate back by (-5,0), rotate by 90 degrees, and then retranslate by (5,0) This is my matrix M0 1 0 ) (1 0 0 ) (5 -5 1 ) Now, if i want to interpolate beetween this matrix and the identity matrix to obtain a smoothed animation, how can i do ? an example code should be very appreciate !

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