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window.status question

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ok - so in HTML there''s this command - Window.status="whatever" now - what that does is make it show whatever is in there in the status bar on the browser, when the mouse is over that link... example "on mouseover window.status=4212" note: that''s not really the exact code, i''m just doing a quick example makes IE show ''4212'' on the bottom left of the browser whenever the mouse is over that link. now i have a VB question... if i''m using a browser control in VB - that just displays a simple page, and that page has a few links, and those links each have their own status (perhaps 0001, 0002, 0003) - how can i make VB interact with that number? for example - the browser control in VB i''m using doesn''t have a status bar - and i don''t want one - but i do want VB to be able to take the number from the window.status so that i can use it example i have a VB window - it has a small webbrower on it, and a label (both being independant of each other)... now on the webbrowser i have a page i made and it has 3 links - ONE - TWO - and THREE.. window.status for ONE is "1", status for TWO is "2" and for THREE it''s "3"... how can i make it so that the completely seperate LABEL shows the window.status when i put my mouse over the link? i hope that''s clear enough - and i hope it''s not complicated... i just need a simple way to do it... basically i want to have VB be able to read variables from a web page - but i want those variables to not show on the webpage, but just be dependant to a link. i''ll be using the links in the form of names, then the status will be a number so the page could look something like: Mako Taco CJ Brown Me Me then clicking on Mako Taco will make VB take the window.status i''ve given to it and make it the temporary variable.

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