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Multiple monitors HELP!!!

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First of all, it has been FOREVER since I posted! Anyway, for sh*ts and giggles, I am writing my own DirectX 7 wrapper. Yes. 2D all the way baby. Ok, I have two monitors for developing. The primary is a 19" and the secondary is a 14". I use the secondary to hold control panels, option windows, etc and use the primary for programming, email, browsing, etc. Here''s the problem. When I switch my game to full screen, the primary is fine. The secondary doesn''t change. THEN, when I exit my game ALL of my open apps (browser, email, VC++, etc) move to the secondary! Then I have to drag everything back over. Very frustrating. Any clues? I would like to be able to disable the secondary (blank it out) and NOT have my programs move over. Thanks! BTW, I am using Visual C++ 6.0 and DirectX 7 (DirectDraw) -cb

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