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biped for use in animation pipelines...

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hello everyone this is a question pertaining to the use of biped in videogame development and animation. i wanted to know how many developers/publishers are currently using Character Studio for their game projects? for those that are, what are the pros and cons of using the system for game development? how does it compare to using regular MAX bones? is it efficient for motion capture production and editing? how flexible do you think it is? i''m doing research for my company into new technologies for our animation pipeline. we have been using MAX since i came on board. however, the system we use is an old system set up by a lead animator who is no longer here and it needs to be brought up-to-date. i was throwing around the idea of pitching Character Studio as a viable animation/mocap software that would reduce production costs and save time/effort on the part of both the animators and the coders. i''ve used biped on a few projects (not at this current studio) and have seen it used by other studios, and overall i''m pleased by its general flexibility and interface. i just wanted to glean a bit more information from users in other studios who have used it on multiple projects (and even continue to use it) to gain a better understanding of what current method is being used in the industry. this was the only place i could think of starting, so if any of you know and have had experience then feel free to put your two cents worth in; and if any of you know where i could go to get further information in answer to this question that would be awesome too. thanks! ~B-)

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