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intellisense refuses to list members of vertexbuffer...

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	BYTE *Ptr;

	sVertex Verts[]={

intellisense will no longer list members for vertexbuffer. if i delete the Verts[] stuff, it will though... how can i change this so that intellisense/autocomplete will start working again?

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Guest Anonymous Poster
if the code does compile, then delete the .ncb file. That''s the file that controls intellisense, Visual Studio will recreate it and your problems will be solved.

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must have just been some weird ass problem or something...

i got up this morning, started the computer, and intellisense works just fine

my code was fine, compiled and ran and everything, intellisense wouldnt show members for any class inside the function where that Verts[] stuff was...

thanks for the tip on the ncb file !

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Original post by DrunkenHyena
Intellisense isn't very intelligent and sometimes it does some pretty wacky things. However, Visual Assist from rocks. Now that I've used it, I can't go back to developing without it.

Stay Casual,

Drunken Hyena

Not a good practice for beginners, but it's really handy I agree.
(btw: I'm sorry about my signature )

You're Welcome,
Rick Wong
- sitting in his chair doing the most time-consuming thing..

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Intellisense is, and has always been, pretty crap. Here''s what I do when it''s not working:

1. Check there are no syntax errors in previous code.
2. Add the header file containing the declaration you want to your project (if this works you can remove the header file immediately and intellisense will carry on working)
3. Close Visual Studio, delete the project''s ncb file and then reopen the project.

(Yes, I know these things were all mentioned by previous posters)

That normally gets things working, but recently I had problems with functions defined inside an extern "C" { block (some of the D3DX functions) I just couldn''t get Intellisense to recognise them and, despite posting here and elsewhere asking for help, the only advice I got was to download Visual Assist. Microsoft should feel ashamed that Intellisense STILL works so inconsistently when Visual Assist has been working well since Visual Studio 6.0.

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