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GL_float vertex struct (buffer)

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Why not for a GL_float vertex buffer create a struct, like this: struct vertex { GL_float x; GL_float y; GL_float z; }; struct vertex *buffer; // buffer[12]; GL_float *get_vertex(short index) { struct vertex *temp = buffer + index; return &temp->x; } Instead of: GL_float vertex1[3] = {5,3,9}; GL_float vertex2[3] = {8,1,4}; GL_float vertex3[3] = {6,2,7}; Or I suppose I could do: GL_float vertex_buffer[12][3]; // 12 being the number of vertex for example GL_float *vertex_buffer[3]; // wouldn''t be right Or just a simple GL_float *pointer to the vertex position buffer: GL_float *vertex_buffer; GL_float *get_vertex(short index) { return vertex_buffer[index*3]; // return vertex_buffer + index*3; } One will have to pass a GL_float *pointer that points at 3 x, y and z GL_float vertex positions, am I right? What do you guys think about this? What do you prefer to use? ------------------------------- Anton Karlsson Klingis Entertainment Games with silly humor Aleph One (Marathon Open Source) | My Homepage Packa bajs med winzip! Just dreaming wont make you (more) skilled in game programming/development.

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