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array or hash?

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I am writing a rpg in perl. Before you jump all over me though, it is actually coming along really well... I was quite suprised at how easy it was to translate the perl language into a sutible langauge for game programming. Anyways, I am doing the AI for my game right now, and I need to know if I should store the information in an array or a hash. Since this is OO perl, I am kinda leaning toward hash. But, here''s the type of data I want stored: health = 0,1; weapons = 0,1; food = 0,1; happiness = 0,1; victories = 0,1; defeats = 0,1; tired = 0,1; as you can see, these are simply boolean values, 0 if false, 1 if true. Would this type of information be better stored in an array or a hash? Are there any other types of values I should include?

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