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GUI in directX.

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I''m about to implement a GUI into my tetris program, nearly everything else is done. It''s nothing fancy, maybe a title screen and an options screen. Any recommendations on how I should go about doing this? Should I create a GUI from scratch? Are there any built in GUI functions to dirextX? (I''m guessing not) I never see professional games use windows high level API or whatever for their GUI, is this just a matter of style? Is there some way to use the high level windows gui functions to create a non-windows style gui? Ie Quake.

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There are no GUI functions in d3d that I know of. You will have to create them yourself. They are not too hard to program, just have to place text and images on the screen... and see if the user has the mouse over them (if you want rollover effects) or just detect which one has been clicked on.

Just make a title screen as a texture streched across the screen... this is not the best solution, but probably the easiest. You see, some older vidcards only support textures of 256x256 (or smaller), so if you stretch a texture that small, say, on a 800x600 or 1024x768 screen, it will be very pixelated. You could split a large file up in an image program into several 256x256 chunks... but the best way is to program an image splitter, that then loads the split files into the graphics cards memory.

Don''t use winapi guis, I know of few games that use them, and even those are 5 or so years old.... it just does not look professional. (not to mention winapi sucks)

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