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transparent graphics?

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Hey, I''m currently making a game that uses a number of BMP files, but I was wondering two things. First, how do you split up a series of images that are in one bmp file and use them (like all of the animations of a sprite, or all of the characters for a font). My other question relates to how you can extract an image from a BMP file and have all of the space around it not be used. I''ve seen a couple of BMP''s that have neon green or purple around the actual image, and the game ignores that. Just curious. Thanks! Jim

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Guest Anonymous Poster
I think you''re talking about colorkeying. Colorkeying can be acheived though alpha-blending. If you want to use 32-bit and enable alpha-blending you could just set the alpha values of each pixel you want to ignore to zero. I find that colorkeying and alpha-blending are easier to acheie using a class setup. Let''s say like you have a CImage class and each CImage object in your app is an image.

If you just want colorkeying, create a data member of the CImage class called "ignorable" or something; this value represents the color index (or color triplet) you want to ignore. A display() function in the CImage class will then only plot pixels that do not match the ignorable member. I''m sure you''ll want to double-buffer. In this case, you''d have to add something like a stack() function where you can stack an image onto another image and then display only the the resulting image or the function can plot an image onto a memory DC.

Hope this makes sense.

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