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Frequency and DirectSound

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Hey, I was wondering why when I put SetFrequency(parms); it didn''t change the way it sounded? Heres my code for it:
int Game_Init(void *parms)
// this function is where you do all the initialization 

// for your game

// this example does everything: it sets up directsound

// creates a secondary buffer, loads it with a synthesizer

// sine wave and plays it

void 	*audio_ptr_1 = NULL,   // used to lock memory

		*audio_ptr_2 = NULL;

DWORD	dsbstatus;              // status of sound buffer

DWORD	audio_length_1    = 0,  // length of locked memory

		audio_length_2    = 0,
		snd_buffer_length = 64000; // working buffer

// allocate memory for buffer

UCHAR *snd_buffer_ptr = (UCHAR *)malloc(snd_buffer_length);

// we need some data for the buffer, you could load a .VOC or .WAV

// but as an example, lets synthesize the data

// fill buffer with a synthesized 100hz sine wave

for (int index=0; index < (int)snd_buffer_length; index++)
	snd_buffer_ptr[index] = 127*sin(6.28*((float)(index%110))/(float)110);

// note the math, 127 is the scale or amplitude

// 6.28 is to convert to radians

// (index % 110) read below

// we are playing at 11025 hz or 11025 cycles/sec therefore, in 1 sec

// we want 100 cycles of our synthesized sound, thus 11025/100 is approx.

// 110, thus we want the waveform to repeat each 110 clicks of index, so

// normalize to 110

// create a directsound object

if (DirectSoundCreate(NULL, &lpds, NULL)!=DS_OK )

// set cooperation level

if (lpds->SetCooperativeLevel(main_window_handle,DSSCL_NORMAL)!=DS_OK)

// set up the format data structure

memset(&pcmwf, 0, sizeof(WAVEFORMATEX));

pcmwf.wFormatTag	  = WAVE_FORMAT_PCM;
pcmwf.nChannels		  = 1;
pcmwf.nSamplesPerSec  = 11025;
pcmwf.nBlockAlign	  = 1;
pcmwf.nAvgBytesPerSec = pcmwf.nSamplesPerSec * pcmwf.nBlockAlign;
pcmwf.wBitsPerSample  = 8;
pcmwf.cbSize		  = 0;

// create the secondary buffer (no need for a primary)

dsbd.dwSize			= sizeof(DSBUFFERDESC);
dsbd.dwBufferBytes	= snd_buffer_length+1;
dsbd.lpwfxFormat	= &pcmwf;

if (lpds->CreateSoundBuffer(&dsbd,&lpdsbsecondary,NULL)!=DS_OK)

// copy data into sound buffer

if (lpdsbsecondary->Lock(0,					 

// copy first section of circular buffer

CopyMemory(audio_ptr_1, snd_buffer_ptr, audio_length_1);

// copy last section of circular buffer

CopyMemory(audio_ptr_2, (snd_buffer_ptr+audio_length_1),audio_length_2);

// unlock the buffer

if (lpdsbsecondary->Unlock(audio_ptr_1, 

// play the sound in looping mode

if (lpdsbsecondary->Play(0,0,DSBPLAY_LOOPING )!=DS_OK)
if (FAILED(lpdsbsecondary->SetVolume(DSVOLUME_TO_DB(200))))
if (FAILED(lpdsbsecondary->SetFrequency(22050)))
// release the memory since DirectSound has made a copy of it


// return success


} // end Game_Init
The code for the SetFrequency is at the bottom of the code, but it still never hurst to display the whole Game_Init in case I messed up somewhere else. Thanks everyone, you''ve been a major help! -Sathenzar
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