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trying to use vectors

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I haven''t used .net myself but "undeclared identifier" usually means that it can''t find the command because you forgot to include som header file.. cin is from the stdio.h I think so if you include that, it should fix that problem for instance.. You should go to google and search for tutorials on vstudio.net programming and using vectors... Should be plenty of info. As I said I haven''t used vstudio.net myself but google is always a good source of information.

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cin is in .

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Don''t you need this:

#include <vector>

Also, you might want to declare which namespace you''re using:

using namespace std;
// Put this in directly after your include statements

Apart from that it looks OK I think...


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1. std::vector is defined in <vector> - #include <vector>
2. vector is part of the std namespace - std::vector<int> scorav;.
3. cin is part of the std namespace - std::cin.
4. Take another look at your for loop. Revise it.
5. std::vector does not define a parenthesis operator (operator()) as a member function. Most likely you meant to use the subscript operator - scorav[y].
6. So, count and score are for what?

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