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How exactly do bind texture, gentexture work, and glTexImage2D work? my thoughts right now is that gentexture tells opengl how many textures are going to be uploaded and what array you are going to use to index the textures. Once you upload the textures using glTexImage2d they are stored in memory. I thought that glbind would just tell opengl what texture you want to use in memory. It doesn''t seem to work this way. If i have an array of tiles with different textures i have to use the glTexImage2D before every draw for every tile. Peole say you only have to use that command once per texture. Now i don''t sort my tiles by texture or anything for that matter. I just draw the array. When people say don''t use the glteximage2d in every tile do they mean sort the array by texture and then for each texture draw the tiles with that texture and draw the next tiles that have the same texture and so on?

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glGenTextures gives you "handles" for unique texture objects. You can then bind these texture objects to a specific target (e.g. GL_TEXTURE_2D). Each target can have only one texture object bound to it at a time, and all texture-related calls affect the currently bound target.

So what you really need to be calling repeatedly is glBindTexture, not glTexImage2D. Otherwise, how are you telling OpenGL which texture to use?

Anyway, what people mean is that rather than creating a separate texture per tile, you should pack multiple tiles into a single texture, and use texture coordinates to access them.

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