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Debugging Nehe's IPicture Code

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I''m in the process of writing a program that utilizes Nehe''s IPicture code (in VC++ 6.0)... Ever since I started using the IPicture code, when I debug my program, I crash out with an "Unhandled exception in Game1.exe (NVOPENGL.DLL): 0xC00001D: Illegal Instruction." I opened the workspace provided with Nehe''s IPicture code and ran it in debug mode. It did the same thing (except replace "Game1.exe" with "Nehe_IPicture.exe" in the error message)... Any ideas about what might be causing this and how to prevent it? Thanks in advance. Tarindel

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It occurs when the following two step sequence happens:

1) The line "HRESULT hr = OleLoadPicturePath(...)" in BuildTexture() is called.
2) It hits the first GL drawing/transformation command. This is where it actually crashes. If line #1 is not called (function is forced to an early return before that line), #2 does not crash.

In my program, #2 is a gluLookAt(). In Nehe's IPicture example, it's the first glTransform() in Draw().

As a side note, I made sure pPicture->Release() was called when I early returned BuildTexture().

I'm running Windows 98.

PS: if I call BuildTexture() before I even create my GL Window, it still crashes out with the same problem. So it doesn't appear to be a problem with the GL window/context getting roasted somehow...

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