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How would I go about making a game like caeser III?

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How would one go about making a game like the ceaser III or pharoh. It seems to be on one hand tile based map with most structures spanning more then one tile, but then nonethe units that move about the map do so independlty of the tiles. For instance it seems as if there can be any number of units overlapping and in varius stages of tile transistions. The buildings all appear to be 3d models and the map can be seen from 4 diffrent angles of rotation. So I guess my question is how would one go about making a game like this. I''ve made tile based 2d maps before, but none that invloded using models for things like mountains as well as buildings and units. I assume I''d have to find a 3d modeling programming... But my question is how would I go about doing the rest of the things required in order to make a game like that. http://games.sierra.com/games/caesar3/gameshot4big.html http://www.gamesdomain.com/gdreview/zones/reviews/pc/nov99/phara002.html http://games.sierra.com/games/pharaoh1/ph8_1024x768.shtml ----------------------------------------------------- Writer, Programer, Cook, I''m a Jack of all Trades Current Design project Chaos Factor Design Document

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Those games use isometric perspective; they''re 2D games render in such a way as to have items in front obscure items in the back. Isometric tiles are diamond shaped. The artwork in those games were most likely modeled in a program like 3D Studio Max then rendered as sprites. The games don''t actually use 3D models, just renders from 3D models.

To go about making such a game is a big task. Once you''ve read up on isometric engines (check the Articles section here at GameDev) you''ll have to develop one. In addition, be thinking about things like how to handle simulate economics, etc.

Instead of worrying about learning how to use a 3D modeler (there are some good free ones out there!) work on figuring out some of the core problems: a graphics engine, AI, etc. Artwork will only be a distraction until you can get some of the basics going.

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