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switching from 1d to 2d

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im getting ready to wrap all the code from my terrain application into a class, and i really would like the luxury of having a 2d array instead of a 1d array... first i want someone to either support or kill the following concept: 1d array is faster than 2d array? if you support it, then no need to switch to 2d array... if you kill it, then ill need to switch to 2d array''s. About 6 months ago, i could have told you ALL about 2d array''s, so im not a beginner, but i forget the syntax basically (passing a 2d array, declaring a 2d array, initializing and deinitialzing otherwise known as creating and freeing the memory it holds) any one have a quick refresher, or maybe a short tutorial that''s not aimed at newbies ( i dont want to spend 2 hours reading about why array''s work, how they work, blah blah, i already know that i just forget the syntax) id greatly appreciate the help... I googled 2d array and multi dimensional array, but im not finding what im looking for

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All a 1d array is is a pointer adress and some offsetting depending on the location needed. A 2d array simply has a slightly more complicated way of calculating the offsets. Its unlikely to cause any noticable difference.

But.. have you profiles it? If you havn''t then you''re already wasting time.

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On the other hand there is another way of creating a 2D array in C which goes like
 **var= new *[PRIMARYDIMENSION];  
folowed by a per-index initialization of each element of the primary dimension.


  • Indexing is very intutive
    x = var[u][v];  

  • the 2D array needs not to be square

Potentially slower for random access, but if well used still as fast for sequential access along the secondary dimension.

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