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Hi, I''m looking for a little advice. I''ve always been very interested in the programming aspects of creating a game. When I was a bit younger I went out and bought some "For Dummies" books on C. I managed to get a few of the basics down, but unfortunately at that age I couldn''t quite understand all was going on, so I just set it aside. This year, my high school opened up a computer course in programming, Visual Basic. I got really into it. It''s just now hitting 2nd marking period and I''m kind of losing interest in it. I understand that it can be a powerful language, but I''m stuck doing aimless applications -- which is leaving a sour taste in my mouth. So in the after-school hours I took back trying to learn C. I''ve been reading tutorials and I am getting pretty good with it. And the plus is I have a friend that wrote a MUD in C, so I have some guidance there. The only problem is I''m finding it hard to balance learning two languages at once. I''m using the Bloodshed Dev-C++ compiler for C, and MS Visual Studio for VB at school and the disciplines I learned in VB are leaking into C when I''m writing code, and it gets frustrating when I''m trying to understand why a line of code won''t execute because I''m so apt to looking at VB code. My VB teacher tells us not to space while writing lines of code so it becomes easier to debug and so that we have the object names correct. I''ve gotten into this habit, and it''s causing even more of a hard time in C. But the cold hard fact is I''m much more interested in C, but I won''t get credit for doing projects in C. So my question is: what would be a more wise decision to make? Take a break on C and learn VB has to offer, or apply for independent study and learn C (I don''t know for sure if my school will let me do this)?

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