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CListCtrl Query

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Ladies and gents, I have a minor problem with adding a string to a CListCtrl (for the first time ever) This is the code I am using, can anyone see anything wrong as I am puzzled. The problem is that the string does not show in the list
char pTemp[MAX_PATH];
CEdit* pResName = (CEdit*)GetDlgItem(IDC_RES_NAME);
CListCtrl* pResList = (CListCtrl*)GetDlgItem(IDC_RES_LIST);
pResName->GetLine(0, pTemp, MAX_PATH);
m_oResInfo.m_sResName = pTemp;
int iIndex = pResList->GetItemCount();
iIndex = pResList->InsertItem(iIndex, m_oResInfo.m_sResName.c_str());

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