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2d rpg game texture software ?

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yes:your brain ;-)

in fact there is no such software that creates graphics with one click .i wish it would exist :-P

generally there are two ways to create graphics that you need:
pixeling and rendering.

for pixeling you simply need a paint program.paintshop pro,gimp,photoshop...even paint is good enough for pixeling...you could also draw the graphics by hand ,and do some pixeling after scanning it...

for rendering you need a render and animation software.blender,truespace,3dsmax...

and both ways need experience...lots of experience...but the longest way starts with the first step :-)

for pixeling you could start here:


and tutorials for 3d software can be found here:


tilesets games sprites

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Yup, you need to learn how to ''pixel''.

As you can see I''m using ''pixel'' as a verb (to pixel).
And as you can guess the word pixel is in it. THat means.. you should create a pixel. And if you do that correctly, after you created a few pixels, you should see an image.
There are tutorials out there, I suggest you:

- Don''t learn it at all, and use ugly Photoshop to create ''pixelart'' (LOL!!).
- You take some time to learn it, and see if you have the talents to become a pixelartist.

You''re Welcome,
Rick Wong
- sitting in his chair doing the most time-consuming thing..

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