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MSVC++ err msg : "scalar deleting destructor returned"

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What does this mean - "scalar deleting destructor returned" ????? Ive tried looking it up on microsofts site.. no luck Ive put it in the google search box... nothing I cant for the life of me finger this one out. Basically, it occurs after I try to delete a pointer. Heres a copy of the destructor code that gets called :


    // Disable event notification before releasing the graph.
    pEvent->SetNotifyWindow(NULL, 0, 0);
    pEvent = NULL;

    // Stop the graph.

	pVW->Release(); pVW = NULL;
	pMediaControl->Release(); pMediaControl = NULL;
	pGraph->Release(); pGraph = NULL;

Prolly something simple I didnt know.... AGAIN!! -Jason

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Could be... not sure, could use some edumacating on the subject.

Im not deleting an array.

Heres some relevant code :

In main.cpp, cVideo is declared globally. Its basically a simple class that makes using DirectShow easier.

#include "cVideo.h"
cVideo *video = NULL;
//for event messages from a direct show window
#define CLASSNAME "EventNotify"

After your standard non-MFC way of creating a window, video is initialized, used, then deleted (upon which I get that error)

video = new cVideo;
delete video;

Still dazed and confused.

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