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Mapping a play area for Tetris

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I am a bit confused as to what the next step or process is in creating my first game. Here is what I have so far and how I see it going. I have an array of [4][4] that is controlling the blocks that I will generate and have fall. I am using a sprite class to draw the individual blocks to the screen at this time and then have a function that generates random blocks. The blocks do not rotate as of yet but they will rotate by just redrawing the array. As in this: {0,0,0,1 0,0,0,1 0,0,0,1 0,0,0,1} you hit the up key and it now becomes this {0,0,0,0 0,0,0,0 0,0,0,0 1,1,1,1} This is atleast how I see it working, probally will change as this is my first game. What I am trying to get atleast an idea on is how to map out a playing field and then save the one array as it hits the bottom into a larger array which is the playing area. I am working on collision detection right now and getting that to work as it is my first time doing it. And once I get it up and running I want to be able to start working on the play area. Thanks for any hints or suggestions anyone has. Also to move the blocks I am using a translation like this one.


This is the best way I have seen people use, if there is another way to do it that someone knows let me know as I am trying to learn different ways to do stuff. Plexis

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