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How to set up libvorbis for SDL_mixer with VC++ 6?

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I don't know how many stuff you need to use SDL and I dont know what you want exactly but if what you wanna know is how you tie SDL to MSVC++, I think you should first think of setting the libraries you need to compile with. Go in something like Project|Settings choose General in the drop-down and type the names of the .lib you need (check the help files if you dont know the list).
Hope it helps some...

Edit: the more I try to understand your post the more I feel as though my answer has nothing to do with what you want. Too bad...
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I''ve got SDL set up in VC++ just fine already. Now I want to start using sound, and there''s another library made for SDL called SDL_mixer which makes sound a bit easier and a lot better in SDL. One feature I like in particular is support for the ogg format, provided you have libvorbis "installed" (I believe that''s what they called it) on your computer. So I went to vorbis'' site and downloaded libvorbis, a vast archive of source code and headers and libraries that I have no idea what to do with, except maybe the include and library folders. I''d rather not trial-and-error my way through this if I can avoid it, so I thought I''d ask for help first.

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