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Dialog Elements Tutorials

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Where can i get tuts on how to work with Dialog elements, like a textbox, a button, a listbox, etc, how to get text, put text, alter properties, etc...? (no MFC, plain C++, VS.Net). Google returns results, but they are quite scatered, any series out there on this subject? Thanx,

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The best is to buy a book on in, I think there was a book called..
".... The 5th Edition". LOL not much help, but if you see something like that, it''s a book to buy.
And about those buttons and stuff: I thought you just had to create a window (item actually, but you use CreateWindow) that''s:
1) child of the main window. WS_CHILD.
2) has a predefined windowclass.. You know, that one you normally have to register. I think "BUTTON" was one of them, you could try it.
3) The coordinates are relative, so if your window is on pixel 50:50, you want the button on 60:60, you create an item at position 10:10.

You''re Welcome,
Rick Wong
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Guest Anonymous Poster
Look up the information for the control you want to use on MSDN...

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