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Ok. I used PlaySound(); and I linked winmm.lib

The program compiles without any errors, but when I run the .exe, I get the following error.

The procedure entry point SetPixelFormat could not be located in the dynamic link library winmm.dll

Any ideas?

Sean Berry

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FMOD - - Recommend this if you want lots of features and file types. also it''s easy to use. free unless you use it for comercial perposes.
OpenAL - - free. check gamedev for a tutorial on how to use it.

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If you use the SDL library it has it built in.

SDL itself can play WAVs, if you install SDL_Mixer it can multiple WAVs at one time, play ModChips, and if you install the Mpeg and Ogg Vorbis libraries it can play those as well.

Hope that helps.

Compiler error; line 14:
blackstone.evil = false;

Does this mean I AM evil?

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wimm/wimm32.lib play sounds through the media manager.
they are also capable of playing dvds, vcds, avi''s and mpegs with most compressions installed (some you have to load manually) and so forth. basically if windows can play it, wimm(32).lib can play it.

for the other sdks, I would recommend OpenAL if you want to have the sound moving around in 3D. Also since you are in the Nehe forum, OpenAL is intended to be the audio equivilent of OpenGL. Now it is also being sponsored by Creative Labs which is a good thing.
It has doppler shifting in it, and also supports EAX/EAX2.
supports MacOS9/X, Win32 and Linux
and it was used in SOF2, Unreal, Unreal2, Jedi Knight 2 and Academy.
Easy to set up (the reason why I use it)

It is small to add in aswell.
Although if you only want background music, using win(32).lib is probably the best choice as it will only involve 5 lines or so of code and bingo, it''s running.

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