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from 3d engine to game engine..?

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hey there.. does anyone have a resource of some links that explain the basics of a scenemanager? what i mean is, how do you go from a 3d engine capable of displaying this and that to a fully working game engine, where different parts of the game is structured coherently in a working design? thanks..

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I don''t know of any good links, thought I can tell you how we have structured our layout in our game in development.
Actors - (AI controlled characters, rats, humans, animals etc.)
Objects - (Dynamic/interactive objects, weapons, cans, chairs)
Lights - (Lights of all sorts, ambient, spot, directional)
SoundMgr - (Takes care of the loaded sounds and it''s various effects)

These objects are lists in a main scene class called Sector, here we also store the static main geometry for it.
Beside the list of sectors we have clean and efficent managers for decals, AI managers controlling the actors and a seperate player class that can take controll of any character or animal contained inside the Actor list.
It''s pretty hard to explain our layout, but I think we have manage to set up a pretty good one that will work well for our scary horror game

(Don''t even know if this helped a bit, feels like I rambled about something completely diffrent, oh well.)

- Patrik Willbo

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I have an easy layout in my engine. Everything in the world that has a position (which is almost everything if you think about it, because there are very few things that hold information and don''t have a xyz coordinate associated with it, i.e monsters, lights, geometry, entities that trigger events, moving brush entities, etc etc) is derived from a C++ class called ''VWorldObject'' (Virtual world object).

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